Generative Design - Evolved Walkers

The system is only given constraints (human-like form) and priorities (should move to the right without falling). The system generates a number of walkers (generation) based on these rules with an element of randomness (Mutation). The "winners" (e.g. moves furthest to the right without falling) are crossed-over and mutated in the next generation. After a number of generations, the system will have generated a design that fulfulls the input. Often there is not one solution to a problem - but many :-). Generative Design techniques explore the full solution space.


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Who comes up with these names?

The names are generated based on each creature's genome. Since the genetic algorithm tends to produce creatures with similar genes, two creatures with similar names will have similar traits.

Sometimes two creatures can have the same name by coincidence, as there are nearly infinite genome possibilities and limited numbers of letters in each name. Much like two people in real life with the same name, that doesn't mean they will behave the same.

How is the score calculated?

In order to promote upright walking, each creature receives points based on how high the head is in relation to its feet, and how much it advances while upright. Bonus points are given for each proper step forward.